Youth Exchanges are project which bring together groups of young people from two or more countries, providing them with an opportunity to discuss and confront various themes, while learning about each other's countries and cultures. Non-formal learning principles and practice are reflected throughout the projects. Pay attention that Youth Exchanges are not: academic study trips, holiday travel, language courses. Such projects involve a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 60 participants (group leaders not included). Participants are aged between 13 and 25 (up to 20% of participants may be aged between 26 and 30).

Training and Networking are projects promoting exchanges and cooperation in the field of youth work and leading to the development of further projects under the Youth in Action Program. Non-formal learning principles and practice are reflected throughout the projects. Such projects can be realized as: study visits, partnership-building activities, seminars, training courses, evaluation meetings etc. Number of participants is up to 50 (including trainers and facilitators) and there is no age limit. Participants are usually youth leaders, activists of NGOs and youth workers. Length of the project depends on its type.

How to apply?
1. Carefully read project description and selection criteria.
2. Prepare your documents – CV and motivation letter (both in English).
3. Send your documents to with the name of the project in subject filed till deadline.
4. Receive a confirmation and wait for selection results. Due to large amount of high quality application Skype/phone interview can be conducted with selected participants. All candidates will receive selection results via e-mail.

ATTENTION! If you want to apply as Iskra participant to other projects (for example for SALTO trainings), please contact us! Thank you!

What is "non-formal learning"?

Non-formal learning refers to the learning which takes place outside formal educational curriculum.
Non-formal learning activities involve people on a voluntary basis and are carefully planned, to foster the participants' personal, social and professional development. Non-formal and informal learning activities have a participative and learner-centered approach, and are closely linked to young people's needs, aspirations and interests. The Youth in Action Program is a key instrument for non-formal and informal learning in a European dimension.

Financial Conditions
Youth in Action Program covers for all participants: 100% costs for accommodation, food, project materials and foreseen activities; 70% costs of roundtrip tickets to the project. Participants cover remaining 30% of travel costs and (sometimes) small participation fees.

After the project…
When the project is over it's time to share with other people what you have learned during training course or youth exchange. For example, Svitlana Ilchenko, participant of youth exchange in Armenia "Rural Youth Entrepreneurship: Traditional Crafts", created together with her team an inspiring video! Enjoy watching!

Our host organization has created nice, free, calm and at the same time dynamic atmosphere. A huge advantage of exchange was a considered timetable: there was always time for brainstorming as well as for rest. I can say that this exchange was very useful for me as it has ordered many of my thoughts.

Tetiana Kalchenko, participant of youth exchange in Lithuania

As I never participated in such events before, for me everything was new, interesting and exciting. It was an experience of communication, sharing information, contacts and ideas. Atmosphere was very relaxed and comfortable. Team of organizers and trainers inspired us to become better, stronger, more confident and to go towards our aims.

Lesia Anusina, participant of seminar in Turkey

The project created a huge impression on me! It was a pleasure to meet wonderful people from all over Europe, to get inspired by their achievements, to get information that can be actively used in my future activities.

Tetiana Astakhova, participant of training in Georgia

Training became an event that has opened my eyes on what can be done to show young people all possibilities and how to use them. I learned a lot about gender situation in different countries, had a chance to analyze state of gender politics in Ukraine, as well as to discover how to involve youth in developing this issue in our country.

Iryna Stakhur, participant of training in Armenia

All the participants were very nice and friendly. We played a lot of games that united us. The most memorable was the international night when we all cooked our traditional meals and danced and played our traditional games. It was a lot of fun!:)

Natalia Kushinska, participant of youth meeting in Moldova