Travelling abroad, meeting new people from different countries, appreciating the difference, seeing new places, having friends from all over the world, doing some useful work, sharing your culture, getting new experience, making your world outlook bigger, improving your personality... Have you ever thought that this is possible within 2 weeks or 3 weeks? Everything is possible if you decide to do an international volunteering workcamp!

Camps are open for everyone from 18 years old. Work camps are short-term – from 2 weeks up to 1 month. Language of communication is usually English, but there can be another working languages. Volunteers are involved in many areas, for example: restoration of old castles and monuments; path making, planting trees; working with elderly people, children; organizing festivals etc. Accommodation is provided in houses, castle, youth hostels or in tents, depending on the project. Usually volunteers are cooking for themselves or for the group.

Iskra is not organizing workcamps, but we strongly encourage young people to participate in such projects! For us the key value of workcamps is that anyone can become a volunteer, regardless of age, education, profession and knowledge of languages! If you want to join a workcamp in 2013, please take a look at camps offered by Action Reconciliation Service for Peace:


For me workcamp in Poland was the first trip abroad and feelings were mixed: fear, wonder and delight. Be ready to all kinds of conditions: to sleep in sleeping bags, to wake up early and to work. Another side of the coin is that you get to know more about other country and people. The topic of my summer camp was the past and present of Jews. We worked at memorial sights so as a result I learned a lot of information.

Maria Vereschako, volunteer of workcamp in Poland

Summer 2011, Italy, 50 km from Rome... I am a participant of the workcamp "Officina Creativa" in a small town Toffia high up on the rocks. Restoring the old church which was later a historical centre and now serves as an NGO, gave me a unique opportunity to touch the time. Cooking Italian dishes together with Italian chiefs and being part of the festival made me feel as if I had a birthday every single day I spent there.

Iryna Tomenko, volunteer of workcamp in Italy