PHOENIX Program began in 2007 as a 10-day summer Phoenix Camp for children living and studying at Antonivka village orphanage (Mykolaiv region, around 70 km from the city). Since 2007 Phoenix became a yearlong program which helps to establish lasting relationships between children and volunteers through participating in educational activities. The vast majority of time during the academic year children spend at school, that's why groups of volunteers regularly visit the orphanage and conduct educational seminars (e.g. seminar on post-secondary education), sport events (e.g. boys and girls soccer tournament) and just fun activities (New Year celebration concert). In addition experts and trainers from the region are invited to conduct thematic seminars: each seminar is tailored to the needs of particular age group. All activities are directed towards providing positive role models for children, teaching them skills that would help to become more independent in future, broadening children's outlook on life. The program also includes close collaboration between students, NGO members, local and international volunteers.

Past activities:
• Phoenix Camp and Phoenix Leadership Camp (August 2007 and August 2009)
• Educational one-day trips to the museums and zoo at the city of Mykolaiv
   (Feb. 2010, Feb. 2011, April 2011) and an excursion to the city of Lviv (Feb. 2011)
• Educational one-day trips to the "Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University" in Mykolaiv, where students
    attended classes and get acquainted with academic life at the university (Feb. 2010, April 2011)
• Master-classes held at the orphanage and conducted by volunteers and professionals on the topics of
   arts and crafts, modern dance techniques, science (physics), photography, conflict resolution,
   post-secondary education etc.
• New Year and Christmas concerts organized by volunteers (2009, 2010, 2011)
• Historical re-enactment & sport competitions (April 2010)
• Ukrainian essay competitions (2010-2012)
• Regional Soccer Tournament for boys and girls from local villages (April 2012)
• International youth exchange "Fit for Mobility" in Krzyzowa, Poland (July 2012)

Future dream projects:
Antonivka School Music Festival – festival with the school musical ensemble from local villages (April 2013)

The project has been implemented with the support of Active Citizen Summer Fellow grant from the Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service (Tufts University), FLEX Alumni Grants Program administered by American Councils in Ukraine, NGO "International Outreach Coalition" (USA), Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University in Mykolaiv (Ukraine) and kind donations from very good people.

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