NIGHT OF MUSEUMS is a cultural event where museums and cultural institutions remain open late into the night to introduce their collection to the visitors. It takes place usually (but not necessarily) on or around 18 May - International Museum Day. The purpose of this event is to show possibilities and recourses that museums have to offer.

In the city of Mykolayiv Night of Museums is held since 2008 and attracts people of all ages. Its main aim is to demonstrate exhibitions and museum collections to the visitors, to revive an interest in history of the city and the country, to give a chance to every visitor to see history come to life.

Iskra's volunteers participate in Night of Museums since 2010: they take part in theatrical performances and traditional clothes catwalks, organize puppet theatre for youngest visitors, conduct workshops (for example traditional women's hairstyles workshop), offer contests and entertainment program.

The host institution is Mykolayiv Museum of Local History:

Despite a bit ragged local atmosphere, our city can surprises its visitors with big amount of talented active people. Owing to exactly these people interesting events like Night of Museums are organized. Frankly speaking, this is the reason why I’m proud of my city. At the first sight the idea might not be new, but its implementation exceeds all expectations. This is the fest for the whole family: here you can see, taste, buy, try, have fun and many-many other positive verbs. I would be very happy if such ideas were actively supported and promoted.

Kristina Argirova, volunteer of Night of Museums

I decided to participate as a volunteer because I had never attended such projects before. Moreover I wanted to feel the special atmosphere of old times. I really enjoyed the Night of Museums and hope it will take place again, because it is a great opportunity to make a time travel and to see beauty and richness of our culture.

Iryna Nekras, volunteer of Night of Museums